Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Want: Update Dining Room furniture

So my Grandmother gave me her "dream" Broyhill dining room set that she had purchased in 1979.  It is a huge set with 2 hutches, a buffet with light a mirror, and a table with 6 chairs.  This is the set we all (7-9 cousins and 8-10 adults) sat around for Thanksgiving.  

When I got it to my house I decided not to put the buffet together with the mirror so I could have a piece of furniture on the other side of my dining room. Here are pictures of the set in my dining room.

Below shows the dining set with 6 chairs, 2 hutches, a table, and a buffet (without the mirror and topper).

Well since the set is over 30 years old it has a lot of wear.  The chairs themselves are in great condition, they are still strong and sturdy but the cushions have the original fabric and look very disgusting.  Just look at all the stains!

I dont know if you can tell very well from the picture but the fabric has quite a few stains on them.  I tried to clean them but it made it worse.  They will be replaced!
The table top itself is in terrible shape also.  There are stains and chips in the finish.

I originally wanted to refinish this furniture in a nice stain without all the grain in the wood.  Since all the pieces themselves are in sturdy condition and the legs of the tables and chairs are beautifully carved, I really don't need to buy a new set.  I just need something more up to date.  But when i was looking closely at how I was going to refinish this set, I noticed that the finish is faux paint!  Its not real wood at all and that is why the chipping revealed a whitish paint underneath.  I can't refinish this set with a new stain, so now my only option left is to paint the whole set.

So off to Pinterest to find some inspiration for a dining room furniture paint color!  I am thinking black.

Dining Room Furniture Inspiration Pictures

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