Thursday, January 31, 2013

Cleaning the Tops of Cabinets

Cost:  FREE
Time: 2+ hours

I have been looking on Pinterest for some inspiration for decorating the tops of my kitchen cabinets.  Since I have moved in my house, almost 5 years ago, I have done nothing to this area except throw random unused kitchen pieces up there.  To me this space in my house looks unorganized and junky, so its time for a change. But first being the neat and cleanly OCD person that I am, the tops of the cabinets must get a through cleaning 

Here's how I did it:

1.  Take everything down from the tops of your cabinets.  I will warn you now, if you have never cleaned this area it will be disgustingly dusty and the parts over my stove were sticky.

See I tried to warn you.  This cookie jar has a thick layer of dust, grease, and dead bugs.

2. Vacuum dust off cabinet tops.

3.  Wipe any sticky areas with warm soapy water and change water as needed.  Just look at how dirty the water got!

4.  Layer newspaper across the top of your cabinets.  This allows for easy clean-up the next time you decide to clean the tops of your cabinets.

5.  Place items of choice on top of kitchen cabinets.  This may take awhile as you arrange things into groupings.  I start with grouping of 3 objects in the corners and worked my way around the room until I was happy with the results.  I ended up using red and white items which match the decor around the house.

Much better!

P.S.-I hate my cabinets, or I should say I hate the color of my cabinets.  I don't want to paint them, buy hardware for them, or paint the counters because they will be replaced.  I do not want to spend the money on these things when I am saving to have them replaced.  So until that time I am just going to keep saving and make the best with what I have.

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