Monday, January 28, 2013

How to Clean a Routed Kitchen Table Edge

Cost:  FREE
Time:  5-10 Minutes

Do you have a kitchen table with a routed edge?  I do, and let me tell you it can get pretty gross with all kinds of food stuck in those corners from rolling out dough, making cookies, or from grubby little hands.  When I can start to see gunk building up, I know its time to give my kitchen table edge a good cleaning.  Cleaning the routed edge really brings life back to the table.  

You will need:

toothpicks 3-10 (depending on amount of gunk, and they do break when scrapping)
a warm soapy rag

See the white lines in the tables edge, that's the gunk!

First, I wipe down the edge with warm soapy water to help loosen the gunk. Then take your toothpicks and just start scrapping it away.  Did I tell you this is a great task for little hands?  Well it is!

Goss!  Just look at all that gunk (and germs and bacteria).  

When finished scrapping with your toothpick, just wipe clean.  Repeat scrapping if needed.

See it looks so much better doesn't it!  Now I bet you want to get rid of all your gunk too.  Go ahead, it only takes a few minutes.

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