Sunday, January 27, 2013

A Whovian Themed Dinner Party

If you have seen my previous post, you know I threw a super geeky Doctor Who themed party for my 1st "Whoniversary" in honor of me being a Whovian for a year! Here's how I threw a super cool themed party:

Planning. PLANNING. Did I mention planning? I scoured Pinterest for ideas for months (My Who-niversary board). I planned a menu and activities. I wrote it down, changed things around, thought about expenses, thought about reality.
I decided to have have 3 courses but serve buffet style (fancy but not snooty). I pre-made a table covering for each course. The reveal of each layer became the highlight of the party! See the tablescapes below!

Pin the Tentacle on the Ood: (one of my more brilliant ideas)

I made this Tardis blue bow for my front door. Super cheap, all of my ribbons were bought after Christmas for 75% off. So this cost about $1.50

Appetizer Course: Fish Fingers and Custard (Episode 5.1 The Eleventh Hour) I made actual custard AND tartar sauce (and called it custard) in case my guests were not so keen on being true to the story. To my surprise, the real custard was more popular than the tartar sauce. There is also cocktail sauce for that random guy who likes cocktail. It's labeled "blood control? blood control!" get it? (Episode 2.0 The Christmas Invasion)

Adipose babies made by using a powered sugar/water glue to adhere big and little marshmallow together. Smiles are made with store bought black gel icing. (Episode 4.1 Partners in Crime)

 Note to self: Adipose can be toasted. YUM YUM

Main Course: "Pizza, Booze, Tele" (Episode 5.11 The Lodger). It's simple, frozen pizza and salad!

I "Doctored" my dressings a little to make them more timey-wimey. I simply replaced the labels on ranch and italian dressing bottles. "Anti Slitheen Solution" (Episode 1.5 World War Three) and "Adipose Juice" (Episode 4.1 Partners in Crime).
These are non-time consuming printouts that I made in MS Paint. Easy Peasy.

Dessert Course: My piece-de-resistance. Dalek cupcakes. A dessert food filled with evil, hatred, and dark chocolate. 


Even a nerd girl can be a fashionista! Now, ALLONS-Y ALONSO!

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