Sunday, February 10, 2013

How to Clean Toaster Oven and Remove Melted Plastic

I have left a bag of bread near the hot toaster many times, and have had that bag melt onto the glass of the toaster.  I have tried scrubbing the melted plastic off, only to find that this does not make it come off.  By complete accident today, I have finally found a way to remove melted plastic on the toaster.  Sorry, no before pictures since this was an unexpected event.

I had my toaster oven on high, 450 degrees, for about 15 minutes and discovered the melted plastic was very soft and liquid like.  So, I took a paper towel and simply wiped it away.  Yes, all I did was turn the toaster oven on high, let it warm up for a bit, and then simply wiped the melted plastic off.  It is completely gone!  YES!  No more plastic.  It made me want to clean my toaster oven.  So here goes...

Here are the racks from my toaster oven.  They were full of burnt on stuff.  I put them in a plastic bag and poured some ammonia in it, about a 1/4 of a cup.  I then left them to sit in the bag for a good 6 hours.

When my racks came out they still had black stuff on them, but it easily wiped away using some brillo.  The ammonia loosened up all of that burnt on stuff and this is what I got.  I was surprised at how easy they were to clean, after soaking them in a little bit of ammonia.

While my racks were soaking, I cleaned the outside (and wiped the inside).  I only used brillo and some hot soapy water.  And did you notice that there is no melted plastic bag stuck on the glass door?

And yes my toaster oven is extra big.  That is because it is also a rotisserie.  I love this toaster oven and now it looks even better clean!

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